General FAQs

Q: How Can I create an account on PrimeShots and login into it?

If you’re accessing PrimeShots on a Desktop/App, click on the social icon "Login with Google" or "Login with FaceBook", this will automatically create your account. Since you have logged in through your social profile hence NO PASSWORD is needed. Just remeber your login account email id. 


Q: How do I contact Support team ?

To contact the Support team, go to the ‘Contact Us’ section from the Menu or from the footer link on our website and send us a question. You can also write to us directly at We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.



Q: My account not activated even after the sucessfull payment for the subscription plan. What should I do?

Due to payment gateway issue sometime payment got delayed. In that case please go to the ‘Contact Us’ section from the Menu or from the footer link on our website or write to us at from your registered email id which was used to login to the PrimeShots. We will check the details and activate your account on priority. 

Q: How much time will it take to activate my subscription after sending the payment details through contact us form or by sending email to

usually it take 1-6 Hours of time activate your account after verfiying your payment. If your email was not answered in 6 hours then you can again send the request. Please do not send multiple emails before that duration of 6 hours.

Q: How can a user request for a refund ?

As a per policy, PrimeShots does not offer any partial or full refunds. In case if users require any assistance with regards to payments or have any queries/concerns, they can contact us Please read our Refund Policy before making any payments.

Q: How do I subscribe to PrimeShots ?

Follow the below steps on PrimeShots App and Websites.
1. Web Browser: If you are a registered user, click on the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ on the top menu of the website to go to the ‘Subscription’ page. On the ‘Subscription’ page, you’ll see various subscription plans. Selects the plan you want and go to the ‘Payment Options’ page. Pay up and enjoy!
2. Android App: If you are a registered user then Tap on the Menu icon on Top left corner then click ‘Subscribe’ option, you’ll be redirected to ‘Subscription’ page. On the ‘Subscription’ Page you’ll see multiple subscription plans. Select the plan and go to the ‘Payment Options’ page. Pay up and enjoy!

Q: When will be my subscription Activated?

The subscription will be activated Immediately after payment confirmation in our records. If in case, your subscription is not activated we request you to please contact our customer support team along with the transaction receipt and we will activate your subscription on priority.

Q: I tried subscribing but the transaction failed and the money got deducted from my bank ?

Try relaunching the App or go to the website and check if the subscription details appear under the ‘My Account’ section. If you still can't see the details, please contact our support team from the ‘Contact Us' Section, or write to



Q: No ios app available. How can I use it on iOS device?

Currently iOS app is not avilable. You can open in any browser in IOS device and use your subscription plan.

Q: Subscription issue,(Android), Video not playing ?

Please check if you have updated the App and if the app is updated we request you to do the below few steps on your side.

1 . Clear your local storage and cache of the App.

2 . Uninstall the current app.

3 . Reinstall the updated app from the play store

4 . login into the app